Where Are God’s Adventurers??


Psalm 78:16-21           “He also brought streams out of the rock… Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?  Therefore the LORD heard this and was furious…because they did not believe in God , and did not trust in His salvation.”

God has done great things throughout history.  How it hurts Him and insults Him for us today not to believe that God can miraculously provide for our human need or for His great work.

Can our loving Father not provide a feast and rivers of water in our modern day wilderness—a place where God’s provision must come through or the result is death?! 

The trappings of comfort can often rip away the opportunity for God to show Himself strong on our behalf because we overprotect ourselves from ever getting to the places in life in which we need God so badly.  The flower of faith thrives in the soil of desperation.

Where are the great men and women of faith who will make a public display of God’s awesome power to answer prayer and provide for His own and step out into a venture that is impossible to attain apart from God’s intervention?

O Lord! Give me faith and a mighty trust in You to take ventures of faith that will show the world, and fellow Believers, that You still do great things!  You can be trusted.

One Response to “Where Are God’s Adventurers??”

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