We Are Here For A Reason

God certainly has us here in Massachusetts for His good purposes.  God continues to assure us that we are not losing our minds for leaving everything we were familiar with to go to a new land and “start over”.

We have discipleship every week and the challenge question this week was, “How do you know we’re supposed to be here” (i.e., “What has God done to let you know He has you here for a reason”)?  The following were some of the answers:

“An 8 year old boy asked Christ to come into his heart as we were swinging with him at a local park in Grafton.”

“We have shared the message of Jesus’ love with at least 200 people since coming here 3 months ago and handed out many cards with precious Scripture on them.  God’s Word doesn’t return void.”

“We have seen in our own lives, again and again, that God does answer our specific prayers and our faith is increasing!”

Even yesterday when going to the downtown Worcester area, we parked and prayed that if there was anyone God wanted us to run in to again, that is, people that we’ve already met previously, that God would have us cross their path. Well guess what?!  10 seconds after we prayed that we saw a guy we had shared Christ with 2 weeks before!  Literally just 4 minutes after that we saw another gentlemen that we had given a ride to 3 weeks ago and we may have landed him a job starting Monday!

I wish you could have seen that last guy!  There was so much surprise and thankfulness on his face!  He just couldn’t believe that he ran into us again and on top of that had a job opportunity!  You have to understand, this is a city of 200,000 thousand people and we don’t go down there every day and we actually have NEVER been on that street where we ran into him!  What a mighty God we serve!  We told him that we have been praying for him (which we had been!) since we met him 3 weeks ago and that this was yet another sign from God that he was loved and thought about by the God who created him and wanted a relationship with him.

The crazy thing is, after we had offered that prayer up to God about running in to people that we’ve previously met, we actually saw 8 different people that we had met before and we able to speak to 7 of them!  God does answer prayer and God does want us here!  It is very evident!

Please continue to pray that the light of God’s love and truth would pierce the dark clouds in this area.  Sadly, the following is a conversation we’ve had too often:

“So do you know where you are going when you die?”

“I’m going to Hell.”

“Wow, okay…does that bother you at all?”

From there the conversation will turn to various things about life and death and God and Heaven.  We are always sure to let people know, in love, that Christ Jesus died for their sins (and ours) and that one simply needed to believe that and confess their sins to God  and commit their life to serving Him and they could know for sure that they would inherit eternal life.  So far no one has made that decision for Christ, that we know of, but again, God has us here for His good purpose and we have seen the great evidence of that multiplied over.

We are here on this earth for a reason.  May we all reach the world around us–the world that we interact with on a daily basis.

Calvary Fellowship of Worcester Church Plant

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