The “Un-Answers”

Numbers 21:1-9

In the account of God’s children murmuring & complaining and the subsequent discipline by God, have you ever noticed that God did NOT answer Moses’ prayer? God did not answer the way Moses had prayed for. The people repented, it seems, and asked Moses to intercede for them. They asked him to pray that God would take away all the snakes. God did not answer that prayer. God did not answer their request right away, but rather made provision for what was most important: Their survival, and their spiritual growth.

They wanted to live without any more snake bites. God wanted them to live by faith. They prayed for the problem to go away. God provided for the current problem to be worked through. Their will was for the pain to go away. God’s will was for His people to live by faith with the horrors of death all around them.

God may not answer your prayers the way you expect. Our Heavenly Father, who DOES LOVE US, may not take away the difficulty, but He will ALWAYS reveal to you His heart of love and provision.

Father in Heaven, help us to accept Your discipline (it shows You love us), and help us to learn the difficult lesson of walking by faith and not by sight. Help us to learn the lesson of trusting in hope that You DO love us and WILL work all things together for good. His grace IS sufficient. God’s grace IS enough. It always has been, it always will be.

O Lord Jesus, help. Help me to learn that Your grace is sufficient for anything you allow to happen in my life–in our lives. Help us to believe. Help us to trust You–to really trust You. I love you Jesus.

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