Sharing in Much Weakness

When we are weak, God is truly strong and shows Himself strong on our behalf.  With head-colds, lack of sleep, and a fairly grumpy disposition, we (well, at least ONE of us) really didn’t want to go out and serve people and let them know Jesus loved them.  I mean, what good is it to share Jesus’ love and yet we look like we’ve been hit by a excessively large train!

Well, God did amazing things on Thursday (July 25th)!  What a fruitful day of ministry.  It makes us so glad we’re Christians–and we don’t say that in some silly sophomoric way–we are truly so glad and fulfilled by our Savior in His service!  What a humbling privilege!
We went out from about 11am to 3pm meeting people and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  We actually met another Christian group planting a church in the Worcester area, ha.  What a great time of fellowship we had and we even got to pray in a circle together at the downtown Worcester park!  There were about 300 people at the park at the time.

The highlight of our day was approaching a man who was really having a rough time in life.  God was working on his heart as we talked about how much he was loved by God–so much that He sent His only Son to suffer immensely and die on that wooden cross for all of our sins.  There were tears shed.

One of us actually gave him the shirt off our back (which wasn’t the first time we had done this, ha!) because it was a colder, rainy day.  He was very touched by Christ’s love shown to him.

We actually found out he was homeless and we were able to get him a job…the very next day!  Praise Jesus for reaching out to this man!

God is faithful!

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