God is Faithful

What a wonderful God we serve…so kind and so very good.  He has been Ever-Faithful!

skyline-Worcester-MAAfter 9 months of having our house on the market down in Virginia, we got our first and only offer!  I signed the contract as fast as I could, ha.  For all these months we have been paying a mortgage and rent (rent in Massachusetts is quite ridiculously priced) and supporting 2 missionaries for Gospel for Asia and the Lord has never once failed us.

God was showing both my wife and I that He can be fully trusted.  I knew God could be trusted because I’ve read the multitude of accounts in the Bible, but O! the lessons learned in the classroom of real life circumstances!  My wife and I both were stretched and strained, scraped and chiseled, but it was always with the gentle hands of the Chief Sculptor.  We didn’t like all the circumstances we were in, but God has used them to mold us into His image…I wish we were perfect and complete, but we have not attained yet (Philippians 3:12)!

Most of the 9 months I did not have a full time job and after some temp. work I finally landed a job working maintenance at a restaurant and re-doing all their tables (staining and using polyurethane–something i did at my last church for about 6 months…God was preparing me!).  Recently the boss told me the work was just about done, and I had the opportunity to tell him that he did not have to feel bad because he doesn’t pay my bills, God does (I said it with a kind spirit).  I had the opportunity to share Christ’s genuine love with dozens of people there.

These are the reasons I believe God is about to do/reveal a new work:

  • After 9 months, our house is finally in the process of selling
  • Currently in between jobs and open to whatever God has
  • Had an awesome opportunity to share Christ with a single mom last weekend who said her home life was not very good and she was very interested in learning more about the love of Jesus and coming to the Bible Study
  • A new young couple is interested in our church plant as they have been praying for 2 years for a Calvary Chapel to start in Worcester!
  • God has given me a speaking engagement at a local Christian school on Feb 10th!
  • A local ministry that reaches out to people in “the projects” is interested in our involvement
  • Another door of ministry has opened that may have us reaching out to youth in juvenile detention centers
  • We’ve had more opportunities to have neighbors over for dinner and game nights and build some foundational relationships

All this has happened in the last 3 weeks or so.

We are very ordinary people who just want to see what God can do.  There is nothing more important than prayer and intercession.  No doubt there are many praying for us or these events would not have transpired.

To God be the glory.

mike & rebekah

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