Does God Care?

From Old Testament book of Numbers Chapter 10:

“God, do you care about me and my troubles? my issues?

How many times have I wondered that, “Does God care about me? Does God hear me when I pray to Him? Does my life matter to God?” How many times have we asked God that question? We’re just being brutally honest here right?

We know God cares; deep down inside we know God is a God of love and kindness and gentleness…but…we have our moments don’t we? (I SO thank God for His patience with me!) Well check this out: In the Bible, specifically in the book of Numbers chapter 10 (this is SUCH an odd story for a spiritual point) God’s words are these, “on the 20th day of the 2nd month…the cloud was taken up” The “cloud”–the glory of God! The presence of the Lord God represented by this shekinah, or glory cloud while God’s children, Israel, were tested for 40 years in the wilderness.

O how we need the presence of the Lord when we are experiencing a wilderness in our lives!! My wife and I know O so much about that! So, when the cloud rested on the tabernacle of God in Israel, they stayed put where they were, but when the glory cloud moved, they moved and went where God told them. I wish I would always obey God that easily!!

Did you notice that it said on the 20th day of the 2ND month?? I have a funny feeling that they were supposed to leave on the 20th day of the 1ST month–the beginning of their calendar year in the Springtime. I think this was God’s original plan, but I’m not being dogmatic on that point. So what does this have to do with God’s caring for you and me?

Well… in the previous chapter of the Bible, “there were certain men who were defiled by a human corpse” and that made them ceremonially unclean to celebrate the Jewish Passover feast. So…they missed the Passover! But God cared about these guys and provided a way they could still celebrate the Passover feast–in the 2ND month–and it was like a 2nd Passover feast for anyone who missed it. It seems to me that God’s original plan was to have His followers leave right after Passover, but these few guys missed it, so they left at the exact same time and day–except in the 2nd month!

This is my conculsion: Our Gracious Heavenly Father changed the schedule of an ENTIRE NATION for the sake of a few people! Does God care about you? Yes!! Does God listen to the cries of one person? Yes! Does our Heavenly Father stop the course of nations for the sake of a few who bring their cries and concerns to Him? …. … What do you say?

Jesus said, “According to your faith, so let it be done to you.” I say, “Yes, I believe”. Lord, increase my faith!

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