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The “Un-Answers”

Numbers 21:1-9 In the account of God’s children murmuring & complaining and the subsequent discipline by God, have you ever noticed that God did NOT answer Moses’ prayer? God did not answer the way Moses had prayed for. The people repented, it seems, and asked Moses to intercede for them. They asked him to pray […]

Does God Care?

From Old Testament book of Numbers Chapter 10: “God, do you care about me and my troubles? my issues? How many times have I wondered that, “Does God care about me? Does God hear me when I pray to Him? Does my life matter to God?” How many times have we asked God that question? […]

Where Are God’s Adventurers??

Psalm 78:16-21           “He also brought streams out of the rock… Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?  Therefore the LORD heard this and was furious…because they did not believe in God , and did not trust in His salvation.” God has done great things throughout history.  How it hurts Him and insults Him for […]