Pastor Mike teaches every Saturday at 2:30pm and 10:30pm and every Sunday evening at 9:30pm.  You can listen around the world live streaming on the internet at and then click on Worcester WVNE 760 AM/101.5 FM then click “Listen Live”.

If you live in the Central Massachusetts area or northern Rhode Island/Connecticut, then you can tune in on the radio at WVNE 101.5 FM or 760 AM.  Mike’s mother actually listens to him on her AM radio dial all the way near the New York border in Adams, MA!

Please pray:

1.For the spiritual battle here in New England.  Radio waves can often reach where you and I cannot!  Pray that the right hearts would be listening at the right time and for souls to commit their lives to the love of Jesus Christ.

2. That Christians who listen will be moved by God’s Spirit to pray more, to yield more of their lives to the will of Christ (me–Pastor Mike included!), and engage our neighbors and circle of influence with the love of God through His Son Jesus.

3. For our family.  Whenever any of us do spiritual work, the enemy of our souls is set against us and the battle can often be very draining and discouragement can set in.